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47th annual Pegram July 4th parade stars unique floats

Families from all over middle Tennessee flocked to Pegram's 47th annual Independence Day Celebration last Tuesday, which featured the star of the show: the annual Pegram parade.

The Coyotes Softball Team float, made by Clayton Price, won the Best Team Float award / Chris Tenpenny

From Charlotte to West Nashville, word of the parade has spread far, and for good reason. With over a dozen floats, antique cars, and other attractions in the streets, the parade sported many unique features, including six award-winning floats.

Awards were given in six different categories, spanning a variety of different types of float.

The winners of the parade were as follows:

  • The "Best Antique" award went to the 57 Chevy, driven by Gary Henry;

  • The "Best Motor Vehicle" award went to "The OG," driven by Carl Ferguson;

  • The "Best Float" award went to the TLH Plumbing Softball Team float, made by Gary Harbin;

  • The "Best Team Float" award went to Coyotes Softball Team float, made by Clayton Price;

  • The "Most Unusual" award went to "The Taj Mahauler" float made by Kevin Tune; and

  • The "Mayor’s Choice" award went to the Golf Cart with the RC Truck driven by Bobby Johnson.

"We had a great time at the parade, it's always fun," award winner Harbin said.

The TLH Plumbing Softball Team float, made by Gary Harbin, won the Best Float award / Chris Tenpenny

Harbin was one a many local citizens who made a float for the parade, a common tradition.

"We consider serving the Pegram community a privilege and are constantly reminded of what an amazing place it is," the Town of Pegram posted to its Facebook page.

An associate with the United Methodist Church, another organization featured in the parade who also provided community breakfast that morning, said, "We love to support our community every opportunity we get."

The parade hosted over a dozen different sponsors from different business backgrounds, like realty and plumbing. There were also many different community organizations in participation, like the local churches and sports teams, as well as the fire department.

The 57 Chevy, driven by Gary Henry, won the Best Antique award / Chris Tenpenny

The impressive floats, people-lined streets, and exciting events like the parade all made for yet another excellent independence day celebration in Pegram this year, and displayed the strong sense of patriotism running through the community.

Reporting contributed by Mandy Seekell.



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