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Celebrating our first year; welcoming Vol. 2

Dear Readers,

As I reflect on the past year as founder and editor-in-chief of the Kingston Springs Gazette, I am filled with gratitude and excitement. This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I am deeply thankful to each of you who has supported us along the way.

With great pleasure, I welcome you to Volume Two of the Kingston Springs Gazette. This milestone marks not only a continuation but also an expansion of our commitment to delivering quality journalism and community news at the heart of the Harpeth. Our vision has always been to serve as a trusted source of hyper-local information and a unifying voice for our town, and your support has made this possible.

It has always been my dream to run a news service for our small but mighty slice of Tennessee, with the belief that local journalism is the most powerful form of communication. At its very best, it can empower the community and band them together as well as serve as a trusted source that informs residents.

Looking ahead to our second year, I am thrilled to announce some exciting developments. Firstly, we will be transitioning to a weekly publication schedule this fall, allowing us to bring you more timely and in-depth coverage of local events, issues, and stories that matter to you. This change reflects our dedication to keeping you informed and connected on a regular basis.

In addition, I am delighted to share that we will be launching a subscriber-exclusive mobile app later this year. This app will not only enhance your reading experience but also provide access to exclusive content and features, including a podcast where we dive deeper into local stories and issues.

As we look towards our second year, the promise I made to you on my first day holding this great honor of owning a newspaper remains true: "I promise to you that the Kingston Springs Gazette will not only be a trusted source of local news, but it will feature every single one of you: your stories, your joy, and how you make this little community home."

None of this would be possible without your continued support and feedback. Your engagement has been invaluable in shaping the Kingston Springs Gazette into what it is today, and I am eager to hear your thoughts and ideas as we embark on this new chapter in our second year.

Thank you once again for being part of our community and for trusting us to bring you the news that matters most from the heart of the Harpeth. Here's to another year of growth, discovery, and community strength.

Warm regards,

Cate Burgan

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Kingston Springs Gazette


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