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Faces of Kingston Springs: Bubba Parker

When I think of a local hero, I think of Bubba Parker.

Parker wears several hats around the town of Kingston Springs, where he was born, raised, and has lived the last 40 years. Parker has been a volunteer with the Kingston Springs Fire Department for 12 years, held the Assistant Fire Chief title for one year, and has been the Director of Public Works for five years. He was also elected Constable last fall.

The hometown hero has lost countless nights of sleep plowing snow off our roadways, answering fire calls, and keeping the town maintained and pretty. When there’s any type of weather event – especially a snow or ice storm – people flock to Facebook to hear the state of the roads from Parker himself.

If there’s one thing Parker is, it’s tired, but he doesn’t mind the work because Kingston Springs is home.

“I’ve worked at several different places and when I was offered the job here I was like, ‘I’m going home to work,’” Parker said. “This is home. This is where I belong.”

For its third edition, the Gazette sat down with Parker to learn about what he does in each of his roles around the town, and why he’s decided to stay in Kingston Springs his whole life.

Watch the full video below:



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