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Gazette hosts town launch party for inaugural edition

The Kingston Springs Gazette was officially launched on the morning of Saturday, June 3, 2023 with a party in downtown Kingston Springs.

Getting ready for the party / Jake Owen

As the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, I met with individual members of the community to give them free access to the inaugural edition of the Gazette, explore the brand new website, and relay their questions and concerns.

I was met in the green space behind Turnbull Proviions by excited community members who wanted to express their thanks for bringing back local news to Kingston Springs. Many people even came with ideas about how to better serve the community through the Gazette.

The event had refreshments of lemonade, water, and several cookies. My family helped me throw the party, and I am grateful to everyone who came out in the 90 degree weather to chat with me about the Gazette.

We were able to successfully subscribe 33 community members to a monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly subscription during the event. You can check out the prices and subscribe here.

As we all know, Kingston Springs lacks a local news source. In the past, we have all flock to Facebook or knock on our neighbor’s door when we have questions. There is a need for trusted and reliable information in this community, and I want to provide it.

I would be remiss here if I did not mention my appreciation for Dale Graham and the 30 years her family and the South Cheatham Advocate served to our community. Without that newspaper, I would not have the love for journalism I have today. The Advocate is sorely missed, but as our community grows, it’s time that we grow with it.

I promise to you that the Kingston Springs Gazette will not only be a trusted source of local news, but it will feature every single one of you: your stories, your joy, and how you make this little community home.

You will be able to find the Kingston Springs Gazette every other Saturday at We will publish bi-weekly, bringing all your favorite local stories and information you need to know.

If you have any suggestions for stories for us, please contact

We plan to feature as many local businesses as we can on our pages, so if you want to learn more about advertising and rates in the Kingston Springs Gazette, please contact

Thank you for your support of the first edition of the Gazette and, with your continued support, the many more that will follow.

My promise to you is that the Kingston Springs Gazette will be your go-to news from the heart of the Harpeth.



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