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HMS welcomes new staff

Harpeth Middle School is welcoming two new staff members for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Alexis Fisher will serve as the new special education assistant, and Michela Colter will serve as the new special education teacher.

Alexis Fisher / HMS Instagram

Welcome Ms. Alexis Fisher!

She said, “My name is Ms. Alexis and I am so incredibly honored to be joining the HMS team next year! I have felt the HMS family dynamic that exudes kindness, creativity, positive thinking and actions! I love that each student and faculty member is recognized and made to feel accepted and appreciated in the little and big things. I look forward to helping shape the minds and lives of the students I come in contact with! I look forward to being a Harpeth Middle Champion!”

Michela Colter / HMS Instagram

Welcome Ms. Michela Colter!

She said, "There are two reasons why I am most excited to join the HMS family: something new and gaining experience. As I am ending my fourth year within the Special Education world, I feel as if there is so much more room for continued growth in store for me. I am both grateful and excited that HMS is providing me with the opportunity to experience something new while continuing to learn more and more about Special Education!”

We are glad to have you in the HMS family!



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