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Kingston Springs designates April ‘No Mow Month’

The Board of Commissioners of the Town of Kingston Springs has designated the month of April as “No Mow April” – as a way to help spring pollinators thrive.  

The initiative encourages residents to allow their grass to grow, up to the 12-inch height allowed by code, during the month of April.  

“No Mow months are becoming popular across the country with a goal of pausing lawn mowing for a month during the spring to allow flowers and other plants to bloom uninterrupted, allowing pollinators to thrive,” the Town of Kingston Springs wrote on its Facebook page. 

“Kingston Springs recognizes that bees and other pollinators are integral to pollination of plants in order to grow a wide diversity of essential foods, including fruits, nuts and vegetables, and that bees are among the key insect groups that provide essential ecosystem services, pollinating up to 80 percent of all flowering plants,” the post reads. “But bees will not be the only ones to benefit from No Mow April as grasses can also support ground insects and butterflies that help with the diversity of the ecosystem.”

Kingston Springs Commissioner Carolyn Clark brought forth the No Mow Proposal during the town’s October meeting. 

To help support No Mow April, the town will, upon request, provide yard signs to Kingston Springs residents who wish to participate in the initiative, with the expectation that the signage be displayed only during April and be returned to the Town of Kingston Springs after May 1.  

Signs, as well as registration forms, are now available at Kingston Springs City Hall.



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