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Local invites community to paint KS themed mural

A local living off Snake Hill is calling on all community members – young and old – to help her paint a Kingston Springs mural on a new partial fence in her yard that faces the road.

After feeling inclined to put up a fence in her yard, Beth Hubner is turning a negative situation into a positive one by inviting her neighbors to help paint a mural on the new four-panel fence.

Starting on Nov. 12, and every Sunday after that until the project is complete, Hubner will open her yard to creatives and non-creatives alike to help her paint the "hot spots" in Kingston Springs such as the parks, Main St., the schools, and more. She also said one of the panels will be dedicated to children, encouraging finger painting and creativity from the younglings.

Hubner will offer refreshments and music, welcoming the community and their families to paint her new fence so passers-by on Snake Hill will have a new piece of art to admire.

Please contact Hubner at for the address and more information.



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