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PEFAMS Principal Spain welcomes back students

This welcome back letter was written by PEFAMS's Principal Sarah Spain

Great things will be happening at Pegram Elementary Fine Arts Magnet School this year!

Last year our students and staff worked hard to see impressive academic growth. We continue to see more family engagement with a wonderfully supportive PTO. Students enjoyed exciting PBIS, Title 1, and family.

New hires at PEFAMS / CCSD Facebook

We are excited to announce that we will be offering a before-school and after-school daycare program beginning with the 2023-2024 school year.

As we look to this new year, we are welcoming several new faces who are thrilled to be at PEFAMS!

Our theme and goal this year is to "Shine Bright." We want our school to "Shine Bright" in the community, to each other, and to their families as they continue to grow and learn. Thank you to all who have

supported us over the years, and let's keep Shining Bright!

Please find the PEFAMS school supply lists for Kindergarten through 4th grade here.

New hires at PEFAMS / CCSD Facebook



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