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South Cheatham offering free dump Oct. 28

The Mayor’s Office, alongside the Solid Waste Department, announced free dump days across Cheatham County. The free dump day for all residents in Kingston Springs, Pegram, and Sams Creek Road will be Saturday, Oct. 28.

Residents will be allowed to drop off their household hazardous waste free of charge from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Sams Creek Road Transfer Convenience and Recycling Center located at 2791 Sams Creek Road in Pegram, Tenn.

Free dump days are for Cheatham County residents only – no commercial. Please note that tires will not be accepted on this day. Please contact the Solid Waste Department at (615) 792-7538 or Mike Russell, the department’s director, at (615) 207-6541 if you have any questions.

On any other day, the Cheatham County Solid Waste Disposal Facility – or landfill – on Sams Creek Road charges a fee. For bulk items, it is $75 per ton or $3.75 per 100 pounds. To utilize the center, you must have a Cheatham County wheel tax sticker on your vehicle or have proof that you own property in the county –– usually in the form of a property tax statement.

For more information on the Sam’s Creek Road location’s hours of operation and acceptable materials, please click here.



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