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State gives KSES only ‘A’ grade in county

The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) released its 2022-23 School Letter grades for all public schools statewide on Dec. 21.

According to a press release from the TDOE, the school letter grade program for schools “provides a snapshot of how each school in the state is doing in meeting the state’s expectations for learning, including student achievement and academic growth measures for all schools, as well as a measure of college and career readiness just for high schools.” Schools can get grades A-F. 

Kingston Springs Elementary School (KSES) was the only school in Cheatham County to receive an ‘A’ grade. 

“We are very proud to have earned the highest score in all three categories including achievement, growth, and growth of the students scoring in the bottom 25%,” KSES Principal Andrea Bledsoe said. “Our staff is committed to excellence for every student.”

Concerning how the grades are calculated, the press release said, “Several factors determine school letter grades for each school, including student achievement, academic growth, growth of the highest need students, and a measure of college and career readiness just for high schools.”

Harpeth High School received a B; both Harpeth Middle School and Pegram Elementary Fine Arts Magnet School received a C. 

“School letter grades will provide Tennessee families with a clear rating system that gives them a snapshot of how their child’s school is performing,” said TDOE Commissioner of Education Lizzette Reynolds. “No matter what your school’s letter grade is, everyone can play a role in supporting the success of our students and the success of our schools by engaging with your local school communities and joining the conversation.”

Cheatham County Schools Director of Schools Dr. Cathy Beck sent a letter home to parents stating that this is the first year the state has used letter grades for schools.

“Some of our schools serve students with high-need populations such as English Language Learners. Many of these students are just trying to learn the English language and half of a school’s letter grade is based on one achievement test for all students,” the letter read. “Under previous accountability measures, every school had an opportunity for success no matter the student population they were serving.”

Beck continued, “Overall, our schools performed well, and we are proud of the work that our teachers and students are doing each day.” 



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