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Your trusted, local news source.

Kingston Springs Gazette.

News from the heart of the Harpeth.

Kingston Springs is a vibrant and growing city just 20 miles west of Nashville, Tennessee. The small town boasts unique talent: from musicians, to artists, to farmers and bakers, Kingston Springs is a hidden gem of Middle Tennessee. 

As it grows, it becomes less hidden. Yet, community members are neglected in Nashville news coverage and starved of a trusted, hyper-local news source. 

The Kingston Springs Gazette was founded by Cate Burgan in June 2023 to fill this gap in the community. When surveying community members before launching the news organization, Burgan found that 97% of people said they would benefit from a local news source. Additionally, 40% of respondents said they did not trust other media sources. 

The Kingston Springs Gazette aims to be a trusted, local news source for the community, covering all things about local culture, environment, and events. 




Cate Burgan

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