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Challenge to oppose Pegram alderman’s Swingzone project denied

The Nashville Metro Zoning Appeals Board (BZA) met June 20 to hear opposition to the proposed Swingzone facility that will be built by Pegram Alderman Randy Howington in the Dreamland Estates neighborhood, ultimately giving the project the green light – for now.

The plans to build the indoor baseball facility on the Cheatham/Davidson County line off of Highway 70 moved forward in spite of growing opposition from area homeowners. 

Howington, who owns Howington Construction, ultimately decided against building the facility in the Cheatham County portion of the property after an attempt to move the county line, therefore moving the debate out of Pegram government’s hands. The Nashville portion of the property is overseen by Metro BZA member Jason Spain, who represents District 35 (Bellevue). 

The project – currently labeled as a “recreational center” – was challenged to be labeled as a “commercial amusement.” 

The challenge, “after a substantial debate by the board, was denied,” said the Pegram Preservation Association (PPA), which has led the opposition to Howington’s Swingzone facility for the last six months. 

“The board members understood and validated the position that the Swingzone has the qualities of a commercial amusement enterprise, but at the end of the day, they came back to the point that the zoning administrator has the authority to interpret the zoning code as he sees fit,” PPA said. 

The plans for Howington’s Swingzone facility will move forward. The special exception proceeding was slated to be addressed during the June 20 BZA meeting, but was deferred until July 18. The board has requested a traffic study and more details regarding Howington’s site plans for the Swingzone facility.

According to PPA, more than 30 residents showed up to the Metro BZA meeting in opposition to the Swingzone project. Only three residents from Pegram actually voiced their concerns, though, and the remainder of residents that spoke on the record resided in Davidson County.

“During the hearing the members of the BZA affirmed and validated all of the concerns we have raised about the Swingzone project,” PPA President Nathan Dohse said. “What was most disappointing was that Howington’s rebuttal falsely claimed those who spoke on behalf of the opposition were from Cheatham County, which they believe legally negates our position. When in truth, majority who spoke were from Davidson County or own adjacent properties.” 

“It is a sad day when Nashville Metro Council members and the entire Metro BZA show more concern for Pegram and its residents than our own Alderman,” Dohse said. 



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