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Faces of Kingston Springs: Priscilla Dorris

In this inaugural edition of the Kingston Springs Gazette, we sat down with Priscilla Dorris to talk about her family’s rich history in Kingston Springs, Tennessee – including the very well-known hotel that has been standing downtown since the late 1800s.

Mrs. Priscilla – who has spent most of her life giving back to the community at the local elementary school – talks about her fond memories of the town and how it has changed in her 81 years of living here.

The Kingston Springs Hotel, which was designated by the National Park Service as a historic

landmark in 1979, was used primarily as lodging for those who visited the natural springs in the area – which were believed to have curing properties from ills such as stomach problems,

indigestion, and kidney trouble.

Mrs. Priscilla said the hotel has some of the original artifacts and furniture from the Victorian era, but most of it was stolen off her property years ago.

The country store that still stands nestled on the corner of Main Street belonged to Mrs. Priscilla's great-grandfather. It was one of the first country stores in Kingston Springs, and she said it sold everything “from cars to coffins.”

“Kingston Springs is home,” Mrs. Priscilla said. “I love it; I think it’s just a perfect place.”

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