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Thank you, from KSG’s founder

Since I launched the Gazette on June 3, 2023, I never expected that six months later would have just under 7,500 unique visitors and over 14,000 site sessions. 

That’s 7,500 of you that read and boosted our nearly 150 stories about the South Cheatham community – the heart of the Harpeth – in 2023. 

In 2023, we were also able to advertise and support more than 50 small and local businesses.

As we barrel towards 2024, I am looking forward to uncovering more stories with you while continuing to uplift your voices. 

The Gazette has some exciting new announcements that we will make this year, but for now, please continue to subscribe, advertise with us, and sign up for our newsletter. 

I cannot thank you enough, the readers, for a first successful six months in 2023. Here’s to 2024.

All the best,

Cate Burgan



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