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Former Pegram Mayor Charles Morehead seeks reelection

Town of Pegram Mayor John Louallen will not seek reelection on Aug. 1, after serving one term in office. 

According to the Cheatham County Election Commission, former Mayor Charles Morehead will run uncontested for the 2024-2028 term as Pegram’s leader. Morehead served as the town’s mayor for four terms, until he passed the gavel to Mayor Louallen in 2020. 

Pegram’s Aug. 1 elections will also include races for two alderman seats. Incumbent Vice Mayor Bob Sanders will seek reelection for another four-year term. If he wins, it will be his fourth term as an alderman. Alderman Bo Sanders did not petition to run again, leaving his seat vacant. 

In addition to incumbent Bob Sanders, five other Pegram residents are running for the two open alderman seats:

  • Christopher Crump;

  • Leah Louallen;

  • Miranda Montgomery;

  • Hope Tinsley; and 

  • Randy Fiedler.   



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