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Kingston Springs seeks new library director, plans to leave log cabin

A search is underway for a new director of the South Cheatham County Library in Kingston Springs, following the departure of Sara Schultz on May 14.

Schultz had held that position since 2022. Concurrent with the search is the news that the Cheatham County Library Board is also planning for the construction of a new and multifaceted facility for Kingston Springs.

According to a posting on the Cheatham County jobs opening site, salary for the new full-time director will be “from $54,376” a year and require the recipient to have a bachelor's degree and two years of relevant administrative experience. There is no requirement, however, for a library science degree, although the expectation is that the successful candidate will be in pursuit of one.

“I'm going to help out as much as I can [in the interim],” says Jack Kapanka, chairman of the Cheatham County Library Board. “Thankfully, our staff is pretty capable. I live close by, so I'm going to be on call and work with May Linger, the Cheatham Country Library Director up in Ashland City. She's going to help me with all the scheduling and all that needs to be taken care of on the business side of things.”

Kapanka reports that two people have already applied for the job and that a hiring committee has been set up. The director is the library's only full-time employee, although the part-time assistants are also paid.

As for actions toward a new library, Kapanka says the planning committee is looking at three possible locations, the favorite being “over by the middle school – that would be ideal for us ... The current library is wonderful. We love it, but it's not functional for so many things. We want to have teen centers, adult and senior centers, cooking classes – places for people to do things.”

While Kapanka acknowledges funds for a new library are not yet in hand, he adds, “Fortunately we live in a very affluent area. There are several billionaires that have land around here that I hope to tap into [who might] sponsor the construction of different wings. Maybe not the whole thing but different rooms, different areas in the library ... We need a space where we can congregate, where we can feel safe and our kids feel safe.”

The hope is that the new facility will be completed or at least under construction within the next three years.

Kapanka's wife, Kandy, heads the Kingston Springs Friends of the Library, whose members include Charlie and Clare Silliman and Cory and Lana Foster. The group's function is to further the activities undertaken by the overall library board.

Kapanka's involvement in library governance is typical of the civic mindedness he's displayed since his family moved to Kingston Springs in 2005.

“I'm just very involved,” he says. “Back when our kids were in elementary school [at KSES], I started the Father Daughter Dance. Then I become PTO president at the school when the [2010] flood happened, which saw so much community involvement. It just brought forth that wanting to give back. I became a board member of the Ark [Community] Resource Center for nine years and with Habitat for Humanity for three years. I've bounced around, but I always wanted to make an impact on our little community."

"I've been working with the library for ages," he added.



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