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Wonder Gift and Garden to replace Thrive Sept. 15

As Kingston Springs rolls into the autumn season, the town will welcome a vibrant new addition to the community with Wonder Gifts and Garden.

Opening on Sept. 15, Wonder Gift and Garden is a shop focused on native vegetation and helping others cultivate their own personal habitat. The new small business replaces Thrive Garden Center on The Land off Hwy 70 in Kingston Springs.

Wonder Gift and Garden will focus on educating the importance of native species to Middle Tenn. / Wonder Gifts and Garden

Co-owner, Joy Boven, began her journey into horticulture with Growild, a native plant nursery, and has always kept the passion it sparked in her. Boven later opened her own plant nursery specializing in perennials, Simple Joy, to further spread her knowledge and love of plants.

After learning of other people in Kingston Springs who shared her ideals and passions, Boven began preparations to move some of her hard work to the town.

“Kingston Springs is just unique in its own right,” Boven said when asked why she picked the town for Wonder’s location. Boven will run the new business alongside Lesley Mortimer-Wallace and Genevieve Neace, who own The Yorkshire Deli on The Land.

From left to right: Genevieve, Joy, and Lesley / Wonder Gift and Garden

Boven’s lively vision for Wonder Gift and Gardens is supported by its core values and her reasoning behind the name, “I have learned personally by studying nature and biodiversity and all the insect and animal life is the more I learn, the more full of wonder I am.”

“I want Wonder to be a place where people come not only to learn how to create a backyard, but to have the things they need to create it.” Boven said.

Wonder Gift and Garden will carry a variety of native plants and gardening materials as well as local art and gifts. A few different types of vendors will distribute through Wonder with the shop also having its own merchandise.

One of the main focuses of the new store is educating people on biodiversity and the ecosystem around them.

The new shop will have a quick turnaround, opening on Sept. 15 after Thrive closed on Aug. 26 / Wonder Gift and Garden

Boven wants to help people understand the value of native plants and their importance, “The more we can educate ourselves and promote these relationships, the more people will think about spraying Roundup or taking down a hackberry.”

Wonder Gift and Garden will be open Wednesdays through Sundays with operating hours of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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